Collaborations and other work

Knot Stressed:

Oliver of Happy Ears has designed, composed and recorded a course of interactive music for Knot Stressed Baby sign along especially for 0-2 year olds. The course is approved by the Royal College of Midwives, follow link for information on how to join up.



Happy Ears along with Mary Walters and learners at Kaimes have produced a number of musical animations. Oliver writes and composes the words and music in class using the the learners ideas. Then the images are created to bring the words to life:


The pirate adventure was successfully entered for the Edinburgh film festivals schools animation competition. It made the short list for the main prize and was screened at the awards ceremony in June 2014.

In the past month Oliver composed and recorded music for an animation created by Kaimes primary learners and animator Henry Cruikshank, as part of The Royal Lyceum Theatres BFG schools project.


Oliver delivered a training seminar in December 2014 on working with children who have an ASN to the Learning team at National Museums Scotland.



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