Exciting times…

May 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hi everyone, its been exceptionally busy in the world of Happy Ears recently.

Yesterday we finished filming the baby signing DVD with Knot Stressed.

We have also had some good news regarding funding for a Happy Ears musical Art project. More information on this coming your way soon…

The Saturday groups are going strong (all forthcoming dates in a separate post- follow the link). Tomorrows theme is “The Rain” though I’m hoping for sunshine…

Musical projects are going well at Kaimes school including a Japanese language song that I’m recording with S1s, and a song about pies.You can visit the Kaimes website to listen to some earlier efforts.

Also running music workshops with 3-8s and teenagers at The Yard Scotland. We aim to produce a piece of music over the next few months showcasing the vocal talents of the fun and friendship club.

One to one guitar and ukulele classes on Saturdays at the Calton centreĀ  are going very well, anyone interested in lessons can contact me at happyears@hotmail.co.uk

See you all soon



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