The sound of the summer

July 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

It would seem that the sound of the summer is water hitting a window at great velocity. Where perhaps it used to be heavy bees, clanky ice cream vans  and the Herman’s Hermits.

I spoke to an acquaintance the other day who had the lovely experience of feeling water rising through his floor and his socks as he embraced paddling in his living room, as his carpet was destroyed and the banks of the water of Leith were breached some metres from his rain battered window.

Now we have a monsoon season perhaps we will experience a really hot October. Our little ones birthday party could be held outside in the communal garden, with homemade ice lollies and a voluntarily acquired paddling pool.

So with this in mind I’m going to go and learn to play and sing one or two Beach Boys songs (and maybe a Hermans Hermits number) and soundtrack an eternal summer in my mind- for it seems to be the only place where it can exist for the moment…

When the sun made a brief appearance earlier this evening, around 5pm I heard cheers rising in the distance. It soon disappeared behind a cloud. But its still there.

I will debut a version of “Wouldn’t it be nice” in bosa nova at the next Happy Ears sessions on Saturday August 4th. And maybe even “Something tells me I’m into something good” in March time. (2/2 not the calender period)

July 21st is off as we will be at Uncle Craig’s forest pitch event (and very excited we are too)


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