Come on board the animal train…

June 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

If i need an unwavering and insistent lesson in effervescence I look no further than voice of the fisher price animal train. Our little girl was lucky enough to obtain said vehicle from a recent jack and Jill market. (The next one in Edinburgh is on 15th of July at Meadowbank)

If you have heard those words “come on board the animal train…COME ON everyone…” then you will be aware of the magnitude of this performance, emanating from a series of small holes located at the front of the engine. Pitched somewhere between Brenda Lee and Anabella Lwin the voice leaps out of the speaker and demands your attention. I wonder how many takes the singer needed? Did she compose the song? Had she imbibed a large quantity of caffeine based drinks?

I’m intrigued as I make children’s music. Although I would like to add that in my opinion good music is simply good music. Bad music is just bad music (though in this broad vista of sound good really does outweigh bad). So I think its better not to make too much of a distinction between grown up and children’s music. Or perhaps we could define that more clearly as complex and simple music, or say Captain Beefheart and The Singing Kettle. (Veterans Day Poppy and Bunny Foo Foo do have similarities.. anyway)

Perhaps having your work on a fisher price toy is the apex of musical achievement. The “Hello Donnington” moment I dreamed of as a teenager, encapsulated in brightly coloured plastic, excellently manufactured by Mattel in China.

Do they record different versions in different languages? I’m curious- I could find out I suppose but there’s also a sense of rhetoric in these questions- I’m not sure I want to solve the mystery. It does seem that our recent cultural dalliances in Information technology are an exercise in debunking- but i will save that for a later debate.

I suggest you go to the next Jack and Jill market and purchase a very reasonably priced animal train (or any fisher price product- there’s usually jumparoos too)- “Come on board!”




Sidney the Cat

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Our friend Findlay drew a picture of a cat called Sidney…and for his birthday Karen created a sewing sensation…and here’s a photo of the finished product.

If anyone out there would like a  masterpiece of stitching based on a child’s drawing please get in touch…

Ukulele Classes…one space left!

June 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Brilliant response to the Ukulele group- there’s only one space left… get in touch if your interested- time is running out though-

first session 10 AM, Thursday 5th July at the Carlton Centre, Montgomery Street



Busy busy busy!

June 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Busy busy Saturday- first with the baby group at the Carlton Centre then with the toddler/pre school group. Then I journeyed to the Ratho climbing centre with a bag of percussion and various stringed instruments to do a session with CBIT at their 21st birthday party. Great organisation, brilliant venue and excellent feedback.

Earlier in the week I was at Kaimes Primary School where I have run music sessions for almost 3 years now, though I had a break when our little girl was born (time flies!). In the past two years I have worked in collaboration with pupils to produce songs based on term projects they have been working on over the school year. Follow the link to have a listen…one of the songs mentions an orangutan….    Image

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