The Library

May 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

I love books. Seems quite an obvious statement. I really hope that Erin will share my appreciation, an appreciation shared by Karen too. Our little girl has a plastic bath book on the subject of sea creatures which shes really devouring at present.

Last week on a very wet and unseasonably (or should that be unreasonably) cold day, we went to the children’s library on George iv Bridge . I remember as far back as my pre-school days, visiting the children’s section of Portslade and also Hove library, becoming deeply immersed in printed pages with colour packed images and silly humour. As i got a bit older and reading confidently i got into Roald Dahl in a big way. The first book i ever bought and read to myself(well my mum bought it- i chose it) was Georges Marvelous Medicine- a total classic. Karen found this brilliant website (The book people) where you can get a broad range of very reasonably priced books- and we purchased a Roald Dahl box set, including Georges Marvelous Medicine for £16.

I got the wee one a library card, it was free and Edinburgh Council don’t charge for overdue books on a kids card- all I needed was some photo ID adn bobs your uncle. Well not quite but  her first library book is a Bob Dylan number (or rather a story) called “The man who gave names to animals” which was drawn from a song on the album “Slow Train Coming” and illustrated by Jim Arnosky. We haven’t read it yet… as we’re still on the final chapter of “The Thief of Time” by Terry Pratchett, completion has been tantalisingly close for some time, But as soon as i get into the reading flow baby will generally indicate that she wants her milk. Maybe shes just gone off Terry Pratchett.

The little girl was really lucky at Christmas to get 3 personally signed books by local author Catherine Rayner, her books are just the kind i would have perused on my own first toddling forays into the library.

Though I’m all up for consuming books,  shes taking it a bit too literally at the moment- so until she finally gets some teeth and tires of chewing everything she sees, mum and dad will do the book handling. (unless the book is edible or made of something other than paper…)


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