A Toy Story

May 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today me and the wee one took a bus to George Street to provide some filling in the sandwich that was Breakfast and Baby Gymnastics (if you can imagine these two activities as individual slices of bread).

We easily managed to board a bus which had ample room and with no requirement to feel mildly guilty about occupying the space should  fellow parent have attempted  to board at a later stop (as nobody did).

Things were going well, we went to my work to drop something off where she met the consistently enthusiastic Rachel, they were both keen to make friends- and indeed they did. Next went to Boots and the little one was happily playing with her brightly colored material book, which is usually attached to the side of the pram. Not today.

We went to John Lewis where she commanded attention from random strangers who thought she was a boy.And from a slightly over zealous shop assistant who was trying to play with her- who was having none of it. She just gave me a look as if to say “who is this mentalist!” Bought some fabric to make seaweed for a undersea prop- but my eye was off the ball.

We walked home (we visited the Christian Aid book fair before  going to John Lewis and bought a 1970s book on making puppets for 20p)  It was a brisk walk- we had 15 minutes to get from John Lewis to Abbeyhill- which we managed , just, though got a bit overheated  in my unseasonably woolly jumper.

Success- you would have thought- Karen comes down the stair to do an olympic style hand-over and whisk the wee one off to meadowbank.

“You got the Nappies?”

“I did”

“Wheres her book?”

Oh dear…


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