Summer, first love, first teeth etc.

May 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday went to see a mildly engaging, slightly personally resonant, but ultimately wispy movie which came across like really expensive handmade cloud of candy floss. There for one minute, gone the next. But it lasted for 2 hours and was called “Goodbye first Love” Bloke from the guardian seemed to like it though.

The little girl was in her usual agitated frame of mind for the first 5 minutes but she soon relaxed and indeed fell asleep with some wandering up and down the aisle. Heres the thing about the baby screenings:

I think the sound of your own baby crying sounds much louder than anyone elses.

When Your babys crying (or screaming) it always seems to be when all the others in the cinema  are being angelic and soundless, during a really quiet section of the film.

Why is that?

I spoke to a few mums and dads about the music groups and and hope to see some new faces tomorrow. The nice lady at The Cameo said she would take some fliers and hand them to people- which I think is great!


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