Salmon fishing in the Yemen

May 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Me and the wee one went to watch the above film, she was majorly grumpy and screamed for about 15 minutes before consuming 180 ml of watered down apple juice, a sachet of baby teething powder and half a mashed bannana. She then fell asleep reluctantly during the second attempt on the Sheiks life followed by Ewan Mcgregors growing realisation that he was in love with Emily Blunt who is pining for her missing-in-action soldier boyfriend (MIA- that was a chuck Norris Film, also the name of a pop star who has recorded some good tunes).

The guy who plays the Sheik is good but the two leads are a bit awkward and mis-cast, Ewan Magregor does not strke me as an archetypal department of fisheries worker and Salmon expert. Emly Blunt is neither here nor there, seemingly sailing through in a non-commital manner. Kristen Scott Thomas is good and well cast, but shes good in everything she does (even if its not very good). She incidentally gets all the best lines in this picture- which is a pain because her characters actions are generally unsavoury. But she gets away with it in the long view. Not unlike Marlon Brando in  The Godfather or perhaps Michael Ironside in Scanners. Both films are much better than the above. And if the wee one was in finer fettle (and perhaps not teething, not tired and 16 years older) she might agree with me. I will ask her for her evaluation at some point..



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