This must be the place…right?

April 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today me and my little girl went to watch “This must be the place” shes teething so she cried for the first 20 minutes, i tried teething ring, mashed bannana and rocking (in that order- i was close to abandoning the film for a relaxing pram stroll) before she fell asleep in my arms. The sight of Madonnas (shes playing in Edinburgh soon isnt she?) ex Sean Penn in  black wig and lipstick, and some annoying methodised tics could make non teethers cry.

However it was an engaging, thoughtful film, which reminded me of Paris Texas (Harry Dean Stanton makes a brief appearance as the inventor of wheeled suitcases) which probably demands another viewing, when i will be able to consider the confusing ending in further detail with less processing time dedicated to thoughts of mashed advocado and bannana (yes together).

Anyway i always loved “Stop Making Sense” so heres the original tune (theres a bit of a pointless cameo from David Byrne in “This must be the Place”, which somewhat shatters the verisimilitude of Penns bonkers rockstar schtick. A bit like when Tina Turner turns up at the end of”Whats Love got to do with it?”. Or more like when Rowetta from the happy mondays turns up in “24 hour party people” I digress..).

The big Scream is every Thursday at the Cameo Cinema, 38 Home Street  Edinburgh EH3 9LZ, tickets cost £5.30 for non members £3.30 for members. You get free tea and the staff are very helpful. Me and Erin have enjoyed a varied programme in the past few months (its for babies up to the age of one but you can generally take babies until they start walking).

Last week was a Norwegian crime thriller called “Headhunters” which ends up being a slightly smug but highly enjoyable moralistic tale of greed and betrayal. The little girl slept through this until someone got shot with an uzi and woke her up.


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