Toddlers Group

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Our new Toddlers group went really well this afternoon- a good turn out with some new faces and fantastic helpers who did a much better job of putting away the instruments at the end than I usually do..!

Im currently thinking of a new wolf song and am going to introduce a new underwater theme soon.

I cant wait til the next one at 12 PM May 12th, Calton Centre, Montgomery Street, EH7 5EP, Hall 2B


Baby Yoga

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Yesterday Karen & the wee one took part in their first baby yoga session.  A friend is near completion of her baby yoga instructors training & they are getting to take advantage of her newly acquired skills in a couple of one to one sessions.  East Lothian Baby Yoga will predominantly be located in East Lothian, but for the month of May Wendy is running a course out of the Calton Centre on Montgomery Street.  There are a couple of spaces left so contact her on if you would like to get involved.

For more information on the birthlight principles see

Upcoming Classes

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Prams on Buses

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Karen has had problems with the buses every so often over the last 6 months, & she is not the only one in this city to be left standing at a bus stop for over half an hour because a bus driver wouldn’t let her on with a pram.  As of Monday it would appear that Lothain Buses are changing their policy after numerous complaints & a campaign that has been running for four years.This means that unfolded prams & buggies can be parked in the disabled spaces if they are not being used by a wheelchair user, making Karen & many others peoples lives a little easier.

Marley… and me… and the wee one

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Our little girl fell asleep after 1o m inutes of the “Marley” film (about Bob Marley) at the big scream at the Cameo. Leaving me to contemplate spotty bananna and a bananna squasher (with an important component missing) and a film about Bob Marley, with whom i share  birthday (6th February- along with Axl Rose and Ronald Reagan) On the way in i bumped into one of the teachers (Jessie) from Kaimes school where i occasionally do music groups- as there was a contingent from Kaimes in screen 3 watching “The Muppets”.

There are 2 similaries between “The Muppets” and “Marley”. The first is that they are carried by brilliant songs (I have to say Marleys songs are better than the muppets songs- but not funnier) The second is that there is a grown up subtext in each that can be divined by the discerning viewer.  “Marley”‘s subtext is loosely veiled. Bob Marley was not a nice bloke by all accounts, however all contributors went to great legnths in the film to say he was a really nice bloke- contradicting the picture their words were painting. Which bought to mind the “Dinsdale” scetch in the original monty python.

He was driven, single minded and made some great music. He associated readily with men of violence, (and he was prone to a bit himself on occasion) and was epicly unfaithful to Mrs Marley. However he wrote some genuinely brilliant music and “Redemption song” always makes me feel emotional.

If you look at where he came from theres no doubting his achievement- and its not him that i have any issue with- its the odd hagiography that Kevin Macdonald presents with the close involvment from Island records- which explains partly a tone which is often contradictory of the information presented.

When our little girl woke up she really dug the bass on “Small Axe” and of course “Three Little Birds”- obviously Ziggy Marley is a contributor (and executive producer), he provided the voise of Ernie, a rastafarian sea ceature in kids (heavily scorcese influenced) CGI adventure “A Sharks Tale”. Which also features “Three Little Birds” in its soundtrack. Scorcese was the original director of “Marley”but droppped out for one reason or other.

I got the Bannana mashed without the aforemenioned component and Erin ate it (the bannana). I then gave her a bottle of milk, by the time she had finished it the next film screening was about to begin.

Credit to the man who was tidying up afterwards- he didnt say a thing and we could have watched the film again free of charge.

Instead we went to the ECA  canteen for lunch  where Stephen Fry and his production company were filming Ian Rankins “Doors Open”- (not in the canteen but somewhere in the basement of the main building of the Art college) I realised  I forgot to take my leftover cheesey pasta with me- nevermind.

Happy Ears This Saturday…28th April

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Im really looking forward to this weeks sessions. Weve got the 10 AM for the wee ones (0-15 months) and the   12pm for the walkers (15 months- 3 years) the age groups are a rough guide and the tunes and activities vary each session.

We have a Hello song and a Goodbye song, a dancing and a sleepy song, and anything else that happens is a surprise…but you can be almost certain there will be a song about frogs and a song about dogs at some stage.

Its at the Calton centre, montgomery street, EH7 5EP and costs £5 for a 45 minute session. Hall 2B, downstairs

This must be the place…right?

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Today me and my little girl went to watch “This must be the place” shes teething so she cried for the first 20 minutes, i tried teething ring, mashed bannana and rocking (in that order- i was close to abandoning the film for a relaxing pram stroll) before she fell asleep in my arms. The sight of Madonnas (shes playing in Edinburgh soon isnt she?) ex Sean Penn in  black wig and lipstick, and some annoying methodised tics could make non teethers cry.

However it was an engaging, thoughtful film, which reminded me of Paris Texas (Harry Dean Stanton makes a brief appearance as the inventor of wheeled suitcases) which probably demands another viewing, when i will be able to consider the confusing ending in further detail with less processing time dedicated to thoughts of mashed advocado and bannana (yes together).

Anyway i always loved “Stop Making Sense” so heres the original tune (theres a bit of a pointless cameo from David Byrne in “This must be the Place”, which somewhat shatters the verisimilitude of Penns bonkers rockstar schtick. A bit like when Tina Turner turns up at the end of”Whats Love got to do with it?”. Or more like when Rowetta from the happy mondays turns up in “24 hour party people” I digress..).

The big Scream is every Thursday at the Cameo Cinema, 38 Home Street  Edinburgh EH3 9LZ, tickets cost £5.30 for non members £3.30 for members. You get free tea and the staff are very helpful. Me and Erin have enjoyed a varied programme in the past few months (its for babies up to the age of one but you can generally take babies until they start walking).

Last week was a Norwegian crime thriller called “Headhunters” which ends up being a slightly smug but highly enjoyable moralistic tale of greed and betrayal. The little girl slept through this until someone got shot with an uzi and woke her up.

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